Exclusive Reindeer XL


52” x 32”

Small batch of organically tanned, ethically farmed Reindeer!

Reindeer fur is very different than sheepskin or goat. It's incredibly dense, while extremely soft. I tried to capture the fur depth in a close up photo. Oddly, the pelt weighs much less than sheepskin. It's so light. These pelts are absolutely gorgeous and look great in any form. Style them on the floor, the couch, the bed, pretty much anywhere. But you'll also want to get cozy with them, as the fur is delightful.

* Due to the wild nature of these animals, some of these pelts might have small holes or minor inconsistencies in the fur. But everything is very minor and I have selected these for their quality and beauty. Any inconsistency is unnoticeable. 

Shipping: $10 within the USA
Pelt type: dense / plush
Care: This pelt does not need to be brushed. It also can not be washed.

Each pelt is exclusive and one-of-a-kind. There's never a duplicate!

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Our ethically sourced pelts come from small organic farmers whose animals roam miles each day through hill-tops and mountains.  They are softened with animal fats as opposed to harsh metals and chemicals. They are tanned using a biobased lactic acid that is safe for even new-borns! We take pride in the clean and stress free energy that each pelt brings into your home.


*Tracking number provided - arrives in about 3-7 days from shipment worldwide
Canadian customers please be aware that you might be taxed, although we do ship via Canadian Post which reduces the cost of any brokerage fee. 



When you buy an item from East Perry, you are buying a "piece of happy". See my story in our "Philosophy" section for a better understanding of this. I'm an American living in Southern Russia raising my son as an expat. You are not only supporting us, but local farmers whom are mostly women with families to support. This is 100% fair trade, family run businesses. I can also guarantee 100% quality, accurate product delivery from what the photo shows, and constant communication.