XL Reindeer #3– East Perry

XL Reindeer #3

100% fair trade, family run, organically tanned, and ethically farmed

Size: 51" x 33"

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Pelt type: 
Care: We recommend shaking out the pelt once every 2 weeks, and also giving it a brush once a month to maintain a smooth surface. If you need to wash it, we recommend hand-washing or washing with a cold delicate rinse. See the link below for care instructions.

Each pelt is exclusive and one-of-a-kind. There's never a duplicate!

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The Benefits of Sheepskins:
- Wool is incredible at regulating body heat
- Helps to relieve aches and pains
- Resistant to dirt and bacteria
- hypo-allergenic (and help soothe skin rashes like eczema and more )
- Adds warmth and texture to your home

Our ethically sourced pelts come from small organic farmers whose sheep roam miles each day through hilltops and mountains.  They are softened with animal fats as opposed to harsh metals and chemicals. They are tanned using a biobased lactic acid that is safe for even newborns! We take pride in the clean and stress-free energy that each pelt brings into your home.


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We use an animal brush to comb our skins! It's safe and keeps them lush and clean.
You can shake your pelt or pelt pillow out once or twice a month to remove dust.

More information on caring for your pelt is here: