Shearling Sheepskin Pilot Jacket with Wide Collar in Spotted Greys and Ivory


This jacket is made to order. Please allow 4-5 weeks for it to arrive.

Color: Naturally spotted in beige, greys and ivory. These hides are not dyed so each jacket will look slightly different in its patterning.  We make the jacket from on the same breed of sheepskin used in our model photo, so the pattern will be similar but not exact.

This exclusive genuine natural shearling pilot sheepskin jacket is an exclusive design from East Perry. We use only natural and ethically sourced wool and sheepskin to make these luxurious jackets. The shearling fur is soft and lightweight. The jacket features a wide collar, a side zipper, and classic pockets.

STANDARD FIT: classic fit with slightly loose fitting sleeves. 

Country of origin:
Kyrgyzstan, made in a family owned studio that produces only small batches due to the nature of the farming and natural wool.

Care instructions:
Dry clean only