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East Perry Launches New Showroom in Black Mountain

to meet growing demand for natural sheepskin products

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East Perry Launches New Showroom in Black Mountain to Meet Growing Demand for Natural Sheepskin Products

Black Mountain, Feb 28th, 2024 – East Perry, an online retail brand gaining popularity and celebrated for its exquisite selection of natural sheepskin products, proudly announces the grand opening of its newest showroom in Black Mountain.

Boasting a dedicated grassroots following, East Perry has become a trusted brand for discerning consumers seeking authentic, sustainable alternatives to mass-produced synthetic decor. East Perry has gained online popularity, particularly from the homesteading community on social media platforms, and has emerged as a trusted source for premium-quality sheepskin goods.

Embracing the ethos of the burgeoning homesteading movement, East Perry offers an extensive array of meticulously crafted home decor and wellness essentials, including nursery rugs, slippers, area rugs, sheepskin wellness tools and apparel, all expertly crafted from natural, non-toxic, ethically sourced sheepskin.

Founded by entrepreneur Janine Saunders in 2016, while living in Russia, East Perry has flourished under her stewardship, resonating with eco-conscious consumers worldwide. With a move back to the United States in 2020, Saunders strategically relocated the company to Asheville, North Carolina.

"Transitioning from years of exclusively operating online while living abroad in Russia, our decision to establish a presence in Asheville has significantly bolstered our company's growth trajectory. The public's enthusiastic embrace of our offerings, coupled with robust support from the broader entrepreneurial community, has been instrumental. With Black Mountain long identified as an ideal showroom locale, the unveiling of Black Mountain Vintage by Dana Esposito and Tyler Thomas presented an opportune moment to inaugurate our first local showcase. It was a natural fit, aligning seamlessly with our vision for expansion."

In late 2023, East Perry secured the esteemed third-place position at the renowned Venture 15 awards ceremony, a prestigious accolade celebrating Asheville's most rapidly expanding enterprises. With an impressive doubling of its growth within a single year, East Perry emerged as a definitive top-three contender, solidifying its status as a standout performer in this annual event. (Source: Venture Asheville)

With the unveiling of its Black Mountain showroom, East Perry embarks on an exciting new chapter, with a commitment to quality, sustainability, and artisan craftsmanship. This inaugural location marks the first of many planned expansions, as East Perry continues to redefine the landscape of natural living.

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