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The Health Benefits and Effects of Sheepskin Rugs

The Health Benefits and Effects of Sheepskin Rugs

Let’s discuss an important benefit that is often overlooked about ethically farmed, organic, and chemical free sheepskin hides.

It's something that keeps coming up from customers, perhaps because we are in a collective "stressful" moment in history. Let's discuss the notion of feeling grounded and connected. 

When sheepskins are raised ethically, without stress, thriving on natural grasses and spring water, they are living a FULL life. Eventually the hides are tanned with love and care (our tanning process can take 8+ weeks), and this entire process carries an energy that is unlike something you'll find a Ikea or West Elm. Sheepskins are said to be incredibly calming, just when stroking the fur (as you would with a loved pet), but they also help to connect with the natural world. They help to ground and center your energy. 

Folks often wonder why their pets love our sheepskins so much. Of course the lanolin (wool wax) plays a role but I also believe it's because the animal gets to connect with the natural world, inside the home. Something that most decor items don't allow.

Humans are no different in this experience.  


Besides their grounding, calming effect, organic sheepskins also have some incredible medicinal benefits, as long as they are organic and have natural lanolin on the fur. If they are mass produced, dyed or chrome tanned (98% of sheepskins) none of these medicinal effects apply.

  • Has a calming, soothing effect on the body and nervous system. This includes reducing anxiety.

  • Stimulates blood flow. This is why doing yoga on an organic sheepskin is so wonderful. Blood flow stimulation helps those who also suffer from being cold at nights and various other illnesses.

  • Aids in bone and pain relief. We have so many customers who report great relief after sleeping on their sheepskin. Some suffer from arthritis, while others have joint and bone pain from injuries. The lanolin and wool helps to smooth this pain.

  • Regulates heat, meaning you can use them in the summer or winter with the same effects. Laying on a sheepskin during the summer won’t make you hot! This is a common concern for newborns laying on them, but I assure you it’s 100% safe and the babies actually find laying on a natural sheepskin very soothing!

Natural wool is truly a gift. I'm so grateful for our hides, as I know they bring so much more into your home than just something pretty to look at. 

(All photos are from our East Perry customers, and are copyrighted by East Perry, LLC)