Terra Slippers– East Perry
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East Perry

Fair Trade
Naturally Tanned
European Made
USA Owned
Non Toxic
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a slipper for barefoot and minimalist footwear enthusiasts


Loved by Customers

Flexible footbed

⁠Wide toe splay

leather shell

Grounding from sheepskin

Terra, in the wild.
Direct from our customers.

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"I can't even begin to explain how much I love these slippers! I got the ones with leather on the outside and no extra sole. I wear mostly barefoot shoes and these are perfect. They look a little narrow but definitely are not. They stay on my foot well, are super warm without making my feet sweat or smell, and they are so luxurious and soft! They aren't slip on but you can easily put them on standing up with only one hand. Hopefully they will last for many years to come!"

Ashlyn Spaite

women sheepskin slippers


"For the past five winters I've not worn anything on my feet indoors, and on almost all of those days, I've gone barefoot outdoors as well. So when I received a pair of the East Perry Terra slippers as a gift, I was thankful but skeptical: as fluffy and furry as these slippers are, and as mild as the winters are here, would I even need or want to wear them? Giving them a proper test-run, I've worn them every day for a few weeks around the house, and my feet have been delightfully comfortable, even in this warm winter weather. Makes sense, since sheepskin is naturally breathable (unlike some synthetic materials). Also, my toes have plenty of room to spread out, and I can feel the floor underneath me because the soles are also made of sheepskin (The last pair of slippers I bought, with their rubber soles, felt more like shoes, so I ended up giving them away). I've even worn the Terra outside for short spurts in the yard and into stores, and I can easily feel the contours of the ground beneath me (like we were meant to).""... the next best thing to barefoot."

- Troy


"I've grown up only buying llbean shearing slippers - but how the tides have turned! The sheepskin slippers from East Perry are phenomenal, and look incredibly expensive (but are actually super affordable). These will sell out - I guarantee it"


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"The slippers are beautiful and extremely warm. I am wearing them daily and enjoying every step. Shearling is plush and very cozy. They run true to size. I normally wear a 9 to 9.5 in certain shoes and the 9 fit perfectly. I look forward to wearing them all winter and even into spring."

Marsha M.

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The health benefits of sheepskin

The gift of warmth

Calming to the
nervous system

blood flow

Pain relief

Regulates body temperature


100% natural sheepskin

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The benefits of minimalist sheepskin footwear

Minimalist footwear offers a plethora of benefits that can significantly enhance one's overall foot health and comfort. By providing a more natural and unrestricted feel, minimalist shoes promote better alignment of the foot and body, leading to improved posture and reduced risk of injuries. Unlike traditional bulky shoes with thick soles and elevated heels, minimalist footwear allows the foot to move and flex as it would barefoot, strengthening the muscles and tendons while increasing proprioception—the body's awareness of its position in space. This enhanced sensory feedback not only contributes to better balance and stability but also fosters a deeper connection with the ground, resulting in a more efficient and enjoyable walking or running experience.

Moreover, wearing minimalist footwear can lead to increased foot strength and flexibility over time. By allowing the foot to function naturally without artificial support or cushioning, minimalist shoes encourage the development of a strong and resilient arch, which can help alleviate common foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis. Additionally, the lightweight and breathable design of minimalist footwear promotes airflow and reduces moisture buildup, minimizing the risk of fungal infections and odor. Whether you're an avid athlete looking to improve performance or simply seeking greater comfort and mobility in your daily activities, embracing minimalist footwear can be a transformative step towards healthier feet and a more holistic approach to footwear.

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