6 Reasons to Invest in our Double Sheepskin Rug

6 Reasons to Invest in our Double Sheepskin Rug

Our small-farmed, organic double sheepskin rugs are great for so much from protecting your favorite couch or chair to doing your daily morning stretches. This versatile rug will serve you for many years to come, plus you can feel good knowing the sheep were ethically farmed and the hides are free from harsh chemicals and dyes (unlike 95% of double hides found online).

Here are my favorite ways to use our double sheepskin rugs:


  • These sheepskin rugs are perfect for protecting the fabric on your furniture. Plus they are beautiful and cozy, so you don’t have to spend time finding a cover that matches your interior and isn’t synthetic. Using them as a couch cover is  especially useful if you have children and or animals. No need to destroy the surface of your favorite (and probably expensive) couch. Throw a double sheepskin pelt on it! 

sheepskin couch cover



  • They make for a wonderful bedside runner or pad. There’s nothing like feeling a genuine organic sheepskin rug under your feet first thing in the morning. Natural sheepskin is wonderful at stimulating blood flow and activating energy. It’s a wonderful way to start your day. 

sheepskin throw for bed



  • Our double pelts roll up like a sleeping bag. They are incredible easy to store and travel with. If you are wanting a mat with more cushion for your daily stretches or yoga, this is rug is a perfect solution. My husband even has one laid across his inversion table, and it never slides off or moves around even when he is upside down. 

sheepskin rug for yoga



  • Do you have a hallway or dining table bench that needs a new look? These double rugs are absolutely perfect for changing up with look and making a hard surface cozy. 

sheepskin for bench



  • Use this double hide as a soft landing for a nursery area, such as a low bed (if you are doing Montessori style sleeping), a changing area or play area. 

sheepskin for nursery



  • Cold at night? Use this as an amazingly warm bed underlay. For those who suffer with blood flow at night and are constantly cold, just lay this underneath your covers near the feet and it will be a game changer. Are you someone who camps? This is a wonderful pad to have in your sleeping bag for incredible warmth and cushion.