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If you already own a sheepskin, you might have noticed that your cat or dog absolutely loves it. There is a very good reason for this. Natural sheepskin and goat-hides are softened with lanolin. Lanolin, otherwise known as wool-wax, is a wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals. For sheep, lanolinhelps their coats repel water. It's also the reason our hides are often shinny and glossy.

According to "It’s believed that humans have been using this substance for nearly 8,000 years. There are records that ancient Egyptians would melt it in the sun and then smear it on their face and skin as a moisturizer. More recently – since the late 19th century – lanolin cream, oil, and balm have been used for eczema/dermatitis." Amazing, right!So why do dogs and cats love sheepskin? Well, it's extremely relaxing for them. You know how cats go nuts when they smell catnip? Well, a similar thing is happening when animals rub against lanolin, but instead of getting a little "wild", they get very relaxed.

Here are some benefits of lanolin, that your favorite animal is also getting while laying on your new sheepie:

  • These rugs can reduce bacteria and other harmful pathogens. The properties of genuine lambswool can deter these pathogens along with other irritants (such as bed bugs) which can minimize your risk of catching diseases.
  • Natural sheepskins can help relieve aching muscles. This material has been used as medical sheepskin pads by many athletes or people who are experiencing muscle aches since it is known to diffuse pressure from areas with strong pressure.
  • Sheepskin seat and bed covers can help prevent bed sores, given that wool has lanolin, which deters bacterial growth and given that sheepskin rugs can minimize the concentration of pressure to one body part. Since medical sheepskin for bedsores is also hypoallergenic, sheepskins are safe for babies to use since they have sensitive skin.
  • It helps you regulate your temperature. On cold nights, these rugs can contribute in keeping yourself warm and prevent you from getting a temperature-related sickness. Furthermore, it can also promote a restful sleeping.

While lanolin is generally considered safe, not all lanolin is. If the sheep is raised on GMO and grass with pesticides, those chemicals transfer into the wool wax. Kinda gross, right? Luckily, our herds are grazing on fresh grasses their entire life. It really does make all the difference. So always make sure any lanolin product you get is GMO and pesticide free!

Here are some photos from our customers! 

Thank you so much for sharing. We LOVE seeing your precious babies. Here's to happy animals!

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