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In this post I'll be discussing the the Modern Boho Look, Instagram shopping, and buying handmade. The boho look is a style we personally feel attached too. Perhaps it's our upbringing from hippie parents, or loving that it mixes styles and trends from different cultures. Either way, we are on-board.

We are also doing our shopping and inspiration searches on Instagram. If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon, let me break down why it's a much more enjoyable way to shop.

1. Discovery
as opposed to searching for products on web-stores, google, and other traditional online searching, Instagram feels more like you are discovering an item.  Etsy is great for this too, but Instagram is just cleaner and easier. Following inspiring accounts like the ones listed above will yield some great discoveries as those accounts are often sharing new products they curate.

2. Personal touch
Data is showing that more and more people want to know who they are buying from and where it's coming from. IG shopping is paving the road for this shopping trend.  Not only do you get a "mom and pop" vibe from buying from stores on IG, but you also can learn where your products are coming from. For instance, at East Perry we try our hardest to highlight the region where our sheep graze and live, how we promote sustainability, and our future plans. It's a great way to get to know your seller and feel good about the products in your home.

3. Handmade
IG sellers are generally folks that are makers and designers which brings us to our last shopping trend of 2017. Handmade!

More and more people want to buy handmade products. One thing that always baffles us is the price point that large stores charge. They undercut the little guys and at what cost? For example, our macrame pillows start at $70 and that's because of the materials and time it goes into making each piece. Yet a place like Target prices their pillows at $25. How? Who is suffering because of this very low cost? Or go to Costco and you'll find sheepskins for $50. But again, at what cost? You can read more about the harmful effects of mass produced fur here:

Okay, now lets get to the fun stuff. Here are some of our favorite accounts to follow that are doing the "boho" look so well:
Products that really define this look:

Swinging Chairs

(@eclectic_goods swinging chair)
Decorative Pillows 
(with a focus on indigo prints, fringe, woven, and macrame)

(@homegirlcollection indigo and boho pillows)

(East Perry macrame pillows, get it here)


(@undecorated_home featuring our sheepskin pelt)
  • That's us, East Perry! Shop our collection here
Leather Moroccan and Vintage Poufs
*hint* stuff these beauties with all your old sheets and towels laying around

(@shop.myhavenhome leather pouf styled with an East Perry sheepskin pelt!)

Vintage Rugs

(@behomeco vintage rug styled with an East Perry sheepskin pelt!)

Plant Bags and plant Baskets, macrame hangers

(@xinh_and_co beautiful woven plant baskets)

Wall hangings

( beautiful custom wall hangings)