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Natural sheepskins for babies, the perfect baby shower gift!

Natural sheepskins for babies, the perfect baby shower gift!

I was first introduced to sheepskin while pregnant, living in Russia. We were at the market and there was a woman selling pelts from her local farm. I asked my husband to stop and help me talk to her. She was an old woman (like most sellers at the market), and was overjoyed to have an American looking at her products. You see, I'm the only American who lives in this entire region of Russia, so it was a big deal. She told me all of the benefits for newborns and babies when laying on natural sheepskin and goat hides. I was sold.

(natural sheepskin for baby and nursery)

We picked out a gorgeous grey and black sheepskin. I was forever in-love. Mind you, this was 4 years ago, and I never thought I would end up selling them! Like all things I purchased for my son, I started doing extensive research on sheepskin and fact-checking everything the lovely market woman had told me. It was true!

Apparently sheepskin are very beneficial to newborns and babies. It's said that exposure can decrease long-term allergies, relieve pain, and has an overall calming effect. On top of that, so many modern rugs and play-mats are loaded with harsh chemicals. Yuck!

So, flash forward to now! We are so happy to be offering parents a wonderful alternative to the conventional rug that is safe, beautiful, and oh-so-cozy.

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Here are some cuddly photos from East Perry customers enjoying their organic and natural sheepskins for babies and kids: