Ethical Sheepskin Rugs and Our Philosophy– East Perry
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EAST PERRY: "Nature, in the home"
handmade artisan decor for the conscious home

East Perry is a collection of handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces that inspire beauty and evoke simplicity. Every item in the store is handpicked – literally – and each piece crafted with great intention. Un-dyed. Endowed with meaning. Entirely unique. You’ll never find 250 items in stock, as every East Perry piece is created with reverence.

Our vision of beauty is raw and natural – as is the process by which we craft our products.


The sheep are free-range and raised in the mountains of Ossetia by small-scale organic farmers. The ritual around their death is ancient and sacred; their meat – sold at market, leaving an over abundance of hides. We’ve established a relationship with the farmers and artisans alike. Our blankets take two weeks to knit by hand and are crafted by a mother and daughter who live next door. The process is human and deeply rooted in community – it’s as natural as the fiber itself.


(Our farmer's sheep, grazing on the clean grasses of the Ossetian mountains. These herds roam these rolling hills all day.)

(Janine and her silly son, Akeem)

Janine Saunders believes that each piece carries the energy with which it was made. She birthed East Perry in the spirit of mindfulness and conscientious consumption. Her story begins with her two-year-old son asking her why their taxi driver had sheep fur on his seat. Because in Ossetia, people eat a lot of sheep. It ends with East Perry, an opportunity to offer customers an alternative to the modern experience of mass production by taking advantage of a simple byproduct.

(another grazing area - behind this river is one of the main glaciers, Kazbek mountain)

(Mountain field grazing area)

“A piece of happy” reflects the joy East Perry has brought to Janine, the energy that goes into the products, and the beauty each piece brings to any space.

(Our sheepskins air drying after final cleaning)

Your home is an altar. Adorn it with authenticity, intention, and a little piece of happy.

(Our incredible Caucasus mountains)


Giving Back

We are very grateful to the farmers and animals who make East Perry possible. We are committed to giving back every quarter. It just so happens that Heifer International is our favorite global non-profit and they have an amazing program that gifts farm animals. Don't know about Heifer International? They are working to eradicate poverty and hunger through sustainable, values-based holistic community development.
This December, we were able to give a goat on behalf of all our East Perry customers. Let's do it again this spring!