MEDIUM Plush Dark Brown Animal Snug– East Perry

MEDIUM Plush Dark Brown Animal Snug


Inner diameter: 15"
Outer diameter: 23"

This bed is made from and consist only of 100% natural sheepskin, not dyed or stuffed with any other material. 

If you already own a sheepskin you might have noticed that your cat or dog absolutely loves it.  There is a very good reason for this.  Natural sheepskin and goat-hides are softened with lanolin. Lanolin, otherwise known as wool-wax, is a wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals.

So, what happens when your animal gets in contact with lanolin? Essentially it's extremely relaxing for them. You know how cats go nuts when they smell catnip? Well, a similar thing is happening when animals rub against lanolin, but instead of going "wild", they get VERY relaxed.

Natural sheepskin has a variety of other benefits for animals including:

- Helps relieve achy muscles and arthritis.
- Helps relieve anxiety (is your animal sensitive to sounds?).
- Sheepskin doesn’t habour dust mites and bacteria like synthetic materials can, which are traditionally used in animal beds. 
- Regulates body temperature so your furry friend feels snug and comfortable.
- Finally, your pet can feel the comfort of nature. It’s unusual for them to have a connection to nature when living inside, and this bed gives them a chance to connect back to their animal essence.