Medicinal Sheepskin Bed Pad and Weighted Blanket– East Perry
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Our organic sheepskin blanket / rug has many medicinal benefits, besides just being eye candy and a delight to touch. The heaviness of the piece can be beneficial for those interested in pressure stimulation therapy via weighted blankets. The weight combined with the medicinal benefits of organic sheepskin, makes this a great option for those looking for some well deserved relief. 

Why Sheepskins are Medicinal

  • Our natural sheepskin and goat-hides are softened with lanolin as opposed to harsh chemicals commonly used in mass produced pelts. Big box store pelts simply can’t produce pelts with lanolin as it’s time consuming and takes much care to do it properly. This is why they resort to chemicals. 
  •  Lanolin, otherwise known as wool-wax, is a wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals. For sheep, lanolin helps their coats repel water. It's also the reason our hides are often shinny and glossy. But most importantly, natural lanolin found on organic sheepskin has an array of medicinal benefits. 


Sheepskin tanned to keep it’s natural lanolin and softened with lanolin has the following benefits:

(From and other research has proven these point)

  • GOOD SLEEP! It helps you regulate your temperature. On cold nights, these rugs can contribute in keeping yourself warm and prevent you from getting a temperature-related sickness.  The regulation of your body temperature can help improve overall circulation, which in-turn promotes better sleep. 
  • Natural sheepskins can help relieve aching muscles. This material has been used as medical sheepskin pads by many athletes or people who are experiencing muscle aches since it is known to diffuse pressure from areas with strong pressure.
  • Lanolin has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Sheepskin seat and bed covers can help prevent bed sores, given that wool has lanolin, which deters bacterial growth and given that sheepskin rugs can minimize the concentration of pressure to one body part. Since medical sheepskin for bedsores is also hypoallergenic, sheepskins are safe for babies to use since they have sensitive skin.
  • naturally resistant to bed bugs, dust mites and mold growth

While lanolin is generally considered safe, not all lanolin is. If the sheep is raised on GMO and grass with pesticides, and fur is sprayed with heavy chemicals,  those toxins transfer into the wool wax. Kinda gross, right? Luckily,  our herds are grazing on fresh grasses their entire life. Yearly contained field burnings greatly reduce pests like lice and ticks, thus our sheep are not sprayed with harsh chemicals.  It really does make all the difference to buy from small and local farms. So always make sure any lanolin product you get is GMO and pesticide free!

Benefits of weighted blankets

Essentially weighted blankets are amazing for helping to de-stress, relax, and relieve anxiety. But they have many other benefits that compliment the medicinal rewards of organic sheepskin and lanolin, making this duo a winner for anyone looking to relieve various ailments. Studies have shown that weighted blankets can have the following effects:

  • Eases insomnia
  • Helps sensory processing disorder
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Eases Restless Leg Syndrome symptoms
  • Helps Fibromyalgia Pain
  • Helps to achieve a state of calmness
  • Gives a sense of being cuddled 
  • helps boost serotonin

The combination of the medicinal properties of natural and organic sheepskin combined with the  weight can have a great effect on many ailments. Here’s the happier days ahead!