Organic Natural Sheepskin Rugs for Yoga and Kundalini– East Perry

Don’t do yoga on a dyed, mass-farmed sheepskin. Period! Choose organic and small farmed

Don’t do yoga on a dyed, mass-farmed sheepskin. Period! Choose organic and small farmed

(The original yogis practicing on fur did this before mass-farming existed and before chemical and toxic tanning methods were invented)

There are a lot of sheepskin stores out there. Many of them claim to sell “eco-friendly” natural sheepskin products. Here’s my issue. If the pelt looks perfect, obviously dyed or bleached, and they sell multiples of the same pelt over and over, this is NOT eco-friendly, this is NOT sustainable, and this is NOT natural. 

If you are going to practice yoga on a sheepskin, one of the first things to think about (in my opinion) is WHERE the sheepskin is coming from and what’s the full life cycle. Where did it live? What was it fed? How was it treated (very important)? Was it farmed only for the fur? Was the fur tanned in chemicals and dyes? 

(examples of our sheepskin rugs, perfect for yoga and Kundalini yoga, all which are one-of-a-kind, ethically farmed, and tanned without chemicals)

Buying a pretty bleached and dyed mass-farmed sheepskin for your yoga routine is like eating your carefully thought-out organic, locally farmed dinner on a plate made from lead. The health benefits of the food is completely tainted by the toxins on which you plan to eat your dinner from. Seriously! If it’s mass-farmed and dyed, it is NOT safe to have on your skin or part of your aura cleanse routine. It’s loaded with heavy metals, dyes, bleach, and the poor animal almost definitely suffered for this “piece of luxury”. 

We sell organic, one-of-a-kind sheepskins that are never bleached or dyed and it’s a big part of my daily life. What is also part of my life, being, soul, and my calling is to treat animals and earth with RESPECT. To teach my kids to do the same. To care for those around us, which includes all animals and all parts of nature. It’s a bit radical that I’m an animal rights activist and also a seller of sheepskin rugs and goat hides. But my conscience knows it’s a clean process,  because I know they graze on grasses from the mountains, drink glacier waters from the rivers, roam freely daily and herded in the evenings, and most importantly, they weren’t farmed for fur. 

If you are considering buying a sheepskin for your yoga practice, please consider where it’s coming from and how it was processed. It was once a living being, and the energy transferred from the hide will reflect the entire life and after-life journey. Let it be a journey that you can feel good about! You’ll absolutely feel the difference.